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The Wonder City Comic Books Volume II: The Tovernboak

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Untapped Cities exclusively runs a web comic called The Wonder City. Taken from a series of graphic novels written by Untapped's columnist and tour guide Justin Rivers, and drawn by illustrator Courtney Zell, The Wonder City sets out to create a mythos for New York City that completely reimagines its near 500 year old history. The series follows Velma Graydon (pictured above as an older woman), an archivist at St. John the Divine by day and urban gumshoe by night who has devoted her entire life to solving one of New York’s most important historical mysteries (don’t worry you’ll find out what it is). To us, Velma represents the best of all New York characters wrapped up into one awesome librarian.

The Wonder City 2: The Tovernboak takes place in November, 1942: A few months after Lizzie's tragic disappearance, Owen teams up with Velma Graydon to find his sister. First, Velma must secretly school him in the ways of the mysterious Light Keepers and their 400-year mission to guard New York City from its foretold destruction. Now the Tovernboak, a sprawling account of the city's true history, is revealed to Owen against the Light Keepers' wishes.

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